New functionality to edit POS till sessions and more!

We've heard your feedback and included in this release the much-requested feature to edit a closed till session, a significant update to in-app help as well as improvements that are focused on consolidating recent major updates to POS tendering, POS smart menus, reporting and memberships.

We've also been working on the Rest API and have a number of beta users currently consuming the API to support use cases such as general availability queries, cabana availability maps and even 3rd party online checkouts.

READ ON for a full breakdown of the updates - enjoy 🚀

Editing POS till sessions

We've completed a major update to till sessions in POS to improve the user interface and add the ability to edit a closed till session. This update:

  • Displays a confirmation warning in when balancing in POS if a cash variance is entered
  • Adds support for editing a closed till session at POS
  • Records historical edits of till sessions to POS notes
  • Improves till session interfaces at POS to enable users to find past sessions and then clearly determine net funds as well as the breakdown of funds received by payment method
  • Added a new staff role permission to enable venues to control user that has access to edit closed till sessions.

Learn more about editing closed till sessions

In-app help resources

We've redesigned the in-app help experience for users of Venue Manager and POS. This update makes learning how to use ROLLER easier than ever by:

  • Displaying contextual help resources to the user based on the page in POS or Venue Manager they are viewing.
    For example - clicking help on the Products page will displays resources specifically related to product management.
  • Adding in-app walkthroughs that guide users through processes and interfaces. We will be continuing to create more walkthrough content over the coming weeks.

ROLLER Payments reports

The ROLLER Payments beta has progressed with select venues now onboarded in England, Holland, Germany and now Australia.

A new Summary report has been added which aggregates transactions by date, method and channel, presenting a summary of submitted attempts, authorised transactions, refunds, chargeback and settled transactions. This report has been created using ROLLER's new reporting framework and thus includes grouping and export to excel functionality.

POS updates

  • Updated tendering and discount issues relating to currencies which use a comma cent delimiter instead of decimal such as Euro
  • Fixed issue where staff with manager role type were not able to view device, till history and current till pages
  • Updated minor UI issue with the positioning of type in the quantity arrows controls
  • Added restriction to disable quantity button on bookings where a membership discount is applied
  • Added a new POS notification when an error in connectivity to ROLLER servers occurs

Smart menu updates

  • Fixed issue in Venue Manager where 'Add Products' button in smart menus was not working when the button was pressed for the second time on the page
  • Resolved issue editing a section after it had been moved
  • Fixed an issue where sections disappeared or where uneditable following the removal of another section on the menu
  • Fixed issue where smart menus could be edited without clicking the 'Unlock to edit' button

Membership updates

  • Updated reactivation behaviour so that members are charged based on the membership anniversary date if there is no outstanding booking balance.
  • Added a function to export memberships to CSV.
  • Fixed an issue with memberships incorrectly displaying a 'ticket expired' status
  • Resolved discount issue related to duplicate custom ticket IDs
  • Fixed issue with Adyen recurring payments
  • Updated membership search for venues who do not use waivers to also display custom ticket name in search results

Rest API updates

A number of updates have been implemented to support Apps consuming ROLLER's Rest API, including:

  • Production API credentials are now able to be used in playground environments and credentials created in playground will not be deleted with playground data is refreshed
  • New Products endpoint created
  • Product availability endpoint updates
    • Tax rate data added
    • Session sales dates and cut off time data added
    • Standard pass sales period data added
  • Booking endpoint updates:
    • Fixed an issue with Booking Fees on the Booking endpoint
    • Fixed issue with Package sessions
    • Additional capacity validation for PUT calls
    • Added ability to cancel/refund payment DELETE calls

API channel updates

To support bookings created via API we've:

  • Added 'API' filter value to all grids and reports that provide a sales channel filter
  • Added API as a channel to the Transactions by Channel report
  • Updated the Funds Received section of the Daily Summary report to:
    • Separate the Tender Type and Channel sections

Payment Method filter update

The Payment Method filter has been updated and an 'Other' payment type is added which aggregates a number of payment sub-types such as PayPal, iDeal, Sofort, etc. Payment method values are as follows:

  • Cash
  • Cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque (if activated)
  • Voucher
  • Wallet (if activated)

InMoment integration updates

The integration has been enhanced to support additional events, namely: + Post party/group booking attendance survey + New member purchase welcome + Member anniversary survey

Reporting updates and fixes

  • Resolved issue which prevented adding a report to favourites section after search
  • Fixed search issue in the Discounts by Booking report
  • Fixed issue with broken links to the Trial Balance report
  • Updated tooltips to resolve an issue where the tooltip sticks when viewing and grouping a column
  • Resolved an issue where the mouse cursor did not change on hover of clickable objects

Adyen online payments

Resolved an issue with modal windows that prevented online checkout users from opening the payment modal for the second time in a session.

Display issues on MacOS

Fixed minor UI spacing issue for MacOS users which affected some pages in Venue Manager and made the interface unreadable.

Converting incomplete bookings

Fixed an issue where ROLLER Payments updates had restricted the ability to convert incomplete bookings.

POS device float

Added validation to only allow numeric values.

Gift card search

Fixed an issue where the updating of a gift card id caused it to become unsearchable in POS or Venue Manager.

Saved views

Fixed an issue for users with access to multiple venues where saved venue changes were not independent and were applied across all venues the user had access to.

Ticket description links

Fixed an issue inserting hyperlinks into the ticket description field.

Guests items

Fixed an issue where items were not displayed in Venue Manager > Guests > Items tab.