Discount enhancements you'll love 😍

We've released a bunch of great new Discount features into ROLLER to make it simpler and faster to manage discounts.


Favorites allow Staff members to quickly select discounts from this new interface in POS - yep no more tedious typing of codes 🥳

Discount codes can be tagged to display in POS in Venue Manager so that only select discounts are available. 

List filters

Many venues have hundreds of discounts and the simple act of finding a discount can be tedious when you can't remember its name. With this update, you're able to filter the discount list by Discount type, status or Favourite setting to allow you easily isolate something like 'all active, 2 for 1 discounts'.


We’re very happy to announce that one of the most requested features has finally been implemented - the ability to Archive a discount. 

To archive a discount and remove it from the view of active discounts in Venue Manager, select Archive from the options menu. You can view archived discounts at any time using the Status filter and if you decide to reuse an archived discount at a later point in time, simply unarchive it.

Check out this Help Centre article for detailed instructions.