You can now add images to waivers 👏

Waivers have had an upgrade with a couple of important enhancements that will make for a smoother check-in experience.

Adding an Explainer Image 

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, and when it comes to a venue’s waiver, an image can convey key safety concepts more efficiently than a block of text. 

We have added support for explainer images in Waivers. When a guest signs a waiver via either the waiver kiosk or the online waiver, they’re presented this image directly before the waiver text.

Setting up the explainer image is simple and can be done from the waiver details page in Venue Manager.

Explain what marketing guests are subscribing for

We've added a new field to describe what the guest is opting to receive. In some countries, Venues that want to use personal information for marketing purposes are required to explain in detail how that data will actually be used.

To add this explanation:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Policy in Venue Manager
  2. Use this subscription opt-in explanation field to provide your guests with a detailed explanation of how their data will be used when they subscribe. 

Fixing the behaviour of hyperlinks in several public-facing apps

To ensure that guests have a seamless check-in experience, we have hidden all hyperlinks when a pop up appears on top of a waiver. 

Check out this article Create a waiver for more information on these updates. 

ROLLER Payments for Self Serve Kiosks 🙌

We’re happy to announce ROLLER Payments is now available for ROLLER Self Serve Kiosks. 

Self Serve Kiosks are a great tool for parks to improve efficiency, reduce labour costs and increase revenue. The integration of ROLLER Payments adds support for a world-class unified commerce payment solution that delivers the flexibility of payment methods, advanced fraud protection tools, the highest level of security and coverage in over 25 countries.

If you are interested in migrating to ROLLER Payments or adding a self-serve kiosk to your venue please reach out to our customer success team. 

Big updates to manage data privacy 🔒

To help venues manage the growing number of regulations relating to the protection of data, we have implemented a number of enhancements to help venues implement best practices and manage compliance with these regulations.

You now have the ability to manage the deletion of a guests personal data when requested. 

Deleting guests data

These data protection regulations enable guests to request the removal of all their identifiable information from your systems. To help venues comply with requests efficiently, we have developed functionality to automatically obfuscate this data from ROLLER. 

Find the guest record in Venue Manager and then click Delete.

Following this action ROLLER will automatically process the request and notify the venue when complete. When a guest record is deleted ROLLER will obfuscate the guest data by randomising all personally identifiable data in the guest record, memberships, bookings, tickets, activity stream & waivers. This includes:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth 
  • Address

The personally identifiable data is randomised to ensure reporting is not compromised and enables API consumers to also update their data stores following the guests request for deletion.

Find out more on how to delete a guest record.

Subscribe for marketing

Another enhancement is a new field to describe what the guest is opting to receive.

In some countries, Venues that want to use personal information for marketing purposes are required to explain in detail how that data will actually be used. To add this explanation:

  • Navigate to Settings > Policy in Venue Manager
  • Use this subscription opt-in explanation field to provide your guests with a detailed explanation of how their data will be used when they subscribe. 

Find out more here about Subscriber opt-in.

Add privacy policy links and notifications

Finally, we have added new fields to allow you to add privacy links to your online checkouts and configure confirmation emails relating to guest data deletion.

Find out more here about Configuring privacy settings.

Windcave Payment integration

We have partnered with Windcave (formally Payment Express) to bring you a new cloud terminal service that will integrate with our POS and Self Serve Kiosk applications.

Windcave provides an end-to-end payment solution and ensures transactions are safe, smooth and secure.

If you are interested in using Windcave as your payment gateway make sure you contact our Customer Success team.  

Platform updates, enhancements & fixes

Today the following updates, enhancements and fixes have been deployed:


  • Adyen - Resolved an issue where all ApplePay payment variants are mapped to our payment subtypes as `ApplePay`.
  • ROLLER Payments - A fix to solve an issue where POS payments could not be refunded through Venue Manager.


  • Accounts receivable - A fix to make sure that fully paid bookings should not have any accounts relievable against them. 
  • Deferred Revenue - Resolved an issue where bookings that have been refunded and cancelled should no longer have deferred revenue associated. 
  • Online Bookings- Fixed an issue where the Sales Cut-Off is allowing customers to add unavailable sessions to their cart before showing an error message.
  • Booking Timer - Implemented a fail fast with retries for the booking timer.


  • Slow Daily Summary - Resolved an issue where the daily summary report was taking 3 minutes to load on the first try
  • Detailed Product Sales - Resolved an issue where the Detailed Product Sales report didn’t return any data for products with 0 as QTY Sold. 
  • Netsuite Inventory  - A fix as the Netsuite Inventory Report was showing up blank

Other Items 

  • Locations - Resolved an issue where locations were not visible while creating Addons
  • POS Ticket Template - Updated adjustments to the default POS Ticket template to reduce the size of QR code and increasing the size of text. 
  • Tool Tip- Updated the membership dashboard tooltip as it was unclear. 
  • Segments - Fixed an issue where clicking the segments button on the guest’s page did not go anywhere. Now clicks through to the Segments page

Receive reports automatically by email 📧

Creating and sending reports to multiple people outside ROLLER can be a tedious task so we’ve made life a little easier for you with our new scheduled reporting feature. 

Scheduled reporting allows you to send ROLLER reports to multiple email addresses on a periodic basis. 

A key takeaway of this feature is that you can control the time period of the report data, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, and you can also choose how often they are sent to your recipients. 

Find out more about sending scheduled reports.

Discount enhancements you'll love 😍

We've released a bunch of great new Discount features into ROLLER to make it simpler and faster to manage discounts.


Favorites allow Staff members to quickly select discounts from this new interface in POS - yep no more tedious typing of codes 🥳

Discount codes can be tagged to display in POS in Venue Manager so that only select discounts are available. 

List filters

Many venues have hundreds of discounts and the simple act of finding a discount can be tedious when you can't remember its name. With this update, you're able to filter the discount list by Discount type, status or Favourite setting to allow you easily isolate something like 'all active, 2 for 1 discounts'.


We’re very happy to announce that one of the most requested features has finally been implemented - the ability to Archive a discount. 

To archive a discount and remove it from the view of active discounts in Venue Manager, select Archive from the options menu. You can view archived discounts at any time using the Status filter and if you decide to reuse an archived discount at a later point in time, simply unarchive it.

Check out this Help Centre article for detailed instructions. 

Take control of your waiver expiry email.

Our research has shown that many guests repot the waiver expiry email as spam. To enhance your guests experience we have moved the "Send waiver expiry reminder email to guests " to VM so that you have the choice to enable this email.  

This setting will automatically be unselected. 

To change the waiver expiry setting follow these steps

  1. Head to VM > Settings > Waiver > Waiver Details
  2. Select "Send waiver expiry reminder email to guests"
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