2-click POS smart menu upgrades 🚀

Smart menus have been a hugely popular upgrade to ROLLER POS. Staff have commented that they've significantly improved the POS user experience, making it easier to learn and much faster to operate.

To help you migrate your POS devices to Smart Menus, we've added this new upgrade function that allows you to upgrade in just a few clicks. Watch how simple the upgrade it here:

Legacy POS menus will be deprecated next month and notifications have been added to these devices in both POS and Venue Manager. 

Check out this Help Center article Upgrade your legacy POS menus for detailed instructions. 

Membership & other WorldPay enhancements

We've just released a number of key upgrades and enhancements for venues using WorldPay:

Membership tokens at POS

Staff will no longer be required to manually enter card details when capturing debit/credit card and creating a recurring membership token at POS 🥳

This is a massive time saver for staff!!

Note, this feature requires a single WorldPay merchant account for both POS and online transactions.

Duplicate payment detection

Additional checks and new logic have been added to automatically detect and prevent duplicate payments.

CVV verification

Compulsory CVV verification has been enabled.

Cloud Support

We've integrated with TriPOS Cloud to enable IP terminal integrations, reducing setup complexity and improving reliability.

Ingenico Lane 3000

ROLLER's integration has been certified by WorldPay to deploy the latest generation Ingenico Lane 3000 devices in both local and IP configurations.

Platform updates, enhancements & fixes

Today the following updates, enhancements and fixes have been applied to your ROLLER subscription:

Performance improvements

Significant refactoring has been completed to many back end services to improve the performance and reliability of the platform.

ROLLER Payments

  • Apple Pay - remove Apple Pay from displaying in embedded iframes as Apple does not allow this for security reasons.
  • Refunds - resolved an issue with some POS refunds not being displayed in reports.
  • Activity stream - fixed issue with transactions displaying as $0
  • Cancelled transactions - removed transactions authorised by the issuer by cancelled by the risk engine from displaying as Authorisedin reports.
  • Daily Summary Report - added failed transactions to Submitted Qty column. 
  • Transactions list - updated the transaction timestamp from UTC to adjust to the venue's timezone.
  • Chargeback reporting - added chargeback acquiring fees and added negative character to enable distinction between chargeback and chargeback reversals.

Gift Card Checkout

We've deprecated the gift card checkout app and moved the Balance Check, video message and manual redemption functions to Online Checkout.

Online Checkout

  • Gift Card - moved the card delivery details section.
  • WorldPay - updated the hosted page mobile styling to resolve spacing and alignment issues.


  • Cancelled & refunded bookings - resolved an issue related to bookings refunded to Gift Cards which incorrectly reported recognised revenue.
  • Revenue by Product by Staff Member - fixed issue that blocked report from being generated.
  • Revenue Recognition - applied an update to relabel complimentary bookings which displayed a '101' payment method.

UI fixes

  • POS Templates - fixed issue with move section up/down arrows in Venue Manager.
  • Down-down menus - fixed an issue in Venue Manager with the positioning of drop-down menus being cut off when triggered from some grids.
  • Export to CSV - fixed an issue that cut off the date picker.
  • Gift Card date - changed positioning or the date picker in Venue Manager for the gift card date or delivery date field.

Other items

  • Adyen test cards - updated Adyen default cards in playground.
  • SagePay - added placeholder text '000' to postcode field when AVS verification to resolve some errors.
  • Rest API - added field for 'companyId' to the GET bookings endpoint
  • Invoice payments - solved an issue affecting invoice payment for venues using and Adyen and ROLLER payments
  • Refunds - fixed issue where refunding of individual items in Venue Manager wasn't refunding associated taxes.
  • Schedules - resolved a problem with schedules duplication to playground environments.
  • InMoment - fixed an issue where the page did not show the saved Gateway Alias value after saving.
  • Translations - fixed an issue with currency translation on emails and another related to all Korean emails.

📬 Email delivery statuses are now available

Email is great when everything just works, but sometimes problems delay or prevent delivery. When this happens and a guest calls reporting that they haven't received an email there hasn't been much staff could do other than resending and hope it gets there. 

New we've added email delivery statuses to the Booking activity stream to enable staff to better assist guests and resolve these situations.

Theses statuses include Sending, Delivered, Failed, Marked as Spam and Recipient Blocked with Failed emails providing staff with the reason when they hover on the status.

Find out more about Email delivery status.

Our new Schedules experience is here - join the beta 🥳

The new Schedules experience is a massive enhancement and time saver for venues that sell session based products. It allows staff to create and manage an a venues entire set of schedules within a single, familiar and user-friendly calendar interface. Designed to simplify schedule management and provide you with a holistic overview of what you're selling and when.

Find out more about the New Schedules experience and join the beta.

Share the ❤️❤️ & refer ROLLER

Overs the years, we are have been lucky enough to receive a lot of word-of-mouth referrals from our amazing community, and customers.

Today, we are really excited to be launching our referral program, to reward our community for sharing the love and referring our platform to other businesses in the industry.

So if you are enjoying your experience with us, and have someone in mind who may benefit from using our platform, all you have to do is ...

  1. Log into venue manager
  2. Click on the Options menu in the top right corner
  3. Share the Love by following clicking Learn More and following the prompts

It’s as simple as that. You make the introduction, and we take it from there.

If the business you refer ends up signing up with us, they will receive a free month subscription, AND you will also receive a credit to your business' account for the same amount, as a thank you!

It’s a win for everyone.

New setting to control editing of past bookings

Last month we added restrictions to prevent editing and creation of past bookings in Venue Manager. This impacted some venues unnecessarily such as those that use the cash accounting method so we’ve added a new configuration setting to allow you to control this restriction.

  1. In Venue Manager, head over to Settings > Account > Venue Settings
  2. Unlock the Venue Settings page to enable editing
  3. Scroll down to the Bookings & Enquiries panel and you will see the new Booking Modifications field

This Booking Modifications setting defines how your venue can interact with past bookings. 

Disable all historical modifications restricts changes to any past booking items, preventing past revenue data from changing.

Allow all modifications allow staff to edit any booking and should be used by venues reporting on a cash basis.

You can also enable editing of booking items in the current week/month or set a custom date based on how you manage your reporting and accounting.

Find about more about Modifying bookings in Venue Manager.

Instant location capacity updates, platform enhancements and fixes 🚀

We've released a bunch of key updates and fixes for the platform - read on for full details:

Location capacity

Product availability will NOW be instantly updated when a location's capacity is edited. Previously we cached this capacity for performance, so we've optimised this and updated the function.

Invoice payment support for 3DS + alternative payment methods

We've added support for the new online redirection flow to enable 3D secure and alternative payment methods such as iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, Klarna and many others.

When you send guests an invoice you can now achieve liability shift with 3D secure and offer popular local payment methods.

English language override

We've fixed a number of instances in different apps and emails where this setting was not correctly overriding the venues default language.

Online Checkout updates:

  • Browser autocomplete - enhanced error handling for cases where the guest autocomplete data includes an invalid or incomplete address.
  • Date fields- corrected several issues with date fields including:
    • Another field was displayed on top of the date selector element of the Gift Card Send Date field.
    • Solved a problem when the browser zoom was not set at 100%.
  • Package products - solved a quantity error where the package contains a session product.
  • Force minimum purchase - fixed several issues relating to the recent online checkout upgrade with this feature.
  • Zip/postcode field - solved an issue that caused this field to incorrectly display in some checkouts.

Reporting updates:

  • Product Revenue by Reporting Category - implemented new logic to correct Quantity Recognized data discrepancies.
  • Export to Excel - fixed an issue exporting to Excel on the Deferred Revenue report.

Other updates and fixes:

  • Enquiry form bookings - fixed an issue that prevented users from viewing these booking records in Venue Manager.
  • Booking restrictions - resolve an issue where bookings that had both past and future dated booking items would incorrectly restrict staff from editing.
  • Email responses - solved a problem with responses to emails generated from activity stream not being displayed in Inbox.
  • Self-serve kiosk - fixed an issue adding products to menus.
  • Order confirmation email - solved an issue where 100% discounted bookings created via the API we're not sending order confirmation emails.
  • Tickets API - resolved an issue where booking date was not included in the endpoints payload.

Boost conversion with these Online Checkout enhancements

We've been monitoring guest behavioural changes that have been brought about by the current global pandemic. One of the biggest areas impacted has been the growth in online sales with online transactions are becoming the dominant channel as a percentage of total sales. 

To ensure that we are providing the best possible guest experience, we have implemented a range of enhancements to the online checkout, that will further improve the conversion rates, and make for a great buying experience. 

These enhancements include:

  • Add to cart enhancements
  • Date led checkouts
  • Multiple gift card redemption
  • Optimising excessive text
  • Enhancement to online sales closed 
  • Online waivers
  • Multiple ticket dates
  • Other mobile optimisations
    • Booking value
    • Checkout process indicators
    • Discount user feedback

To find out more about these updates watch our October Product Updates video 🎥  and/or read our October Product Updates post in the ROLLER Product Blog.

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