Capacity management updates you'll love 😍

We've released a bunch of great new daily capacity features into ROLLER to make it easier for you to operationally manage bookings and venue capacity.

New Redemption view 

This new view enables you to see exactly which bookings and tickets have been redeemed and navigate to any associated booking instantly. Enabling the “Show redemptions” toggle in the Daily Capacity page adds redemption data to the page.

Clicking on a session time will show redemption information in a summary panel and you can filter the list by redemption status.

Redemption data is also available on the Calendar page by selecting a day from the calendar.

Daily Capacity Enhancements. 

The Daily Capacity page has been enhanced to make it easier to review key capacity information at a glance such as available, booked, overbooked and blocked capacity.

We’ve replaced the green, yellow and red capacity availability shading with a single color gradient to make it easier for staff to quickly scan visually. Overbooking and blocked capacity have also been updated. 

A new hover state has been added to both the cells and rows here to present summary details of the timeslot or location. Hovering on the location provides an aggregated summary of the total bookings and expected attendance.

The width of cells has been increased and adjusted for small screens so that the information displayed in each cell can be clearly read. 

Blocked Capacity Notes 

Notes allow you to record information or comments about why capacity has been altered. Hovering on a blocked capacity block will display the time period, capacity allocation and the new notes information.

Learn more

Learn more about these new features and enhancements here:

Viewing daily capacity and redemptions
Viewing bookings using the calendar view
Blocking out location capacity

Gift Cards just got even better 🎁

Here's a bunch of gift card enhancements to help you sell more gift cards and process refunds.

Selling discounted gift cards 

Create discount codes for gift card products so that you can run new promotions such as buy a $100 gift card for $50.

To create a discount code for gift cards, head over to Products > Discounts in Venue Manager. Enter the discount amount, select gift cards and choose the gift card product to which the discount will apply. 

Discount functionality enables you to manage where these discounts are available and when they can be applied as well as which staff members have permission to create discount codes.

As part of this update, we have added validation to prevent new gift cards from being purchased with another gift card along with removing the ability to apply custom discounts to POS to gift cards.

Learn more - Creating Discounts

Refunding to a new gift card 

You can now create a new gift card in both POS and Venue Manager within the refund flow. 

To enable this feature you need to complete a configuration step in Venue Manager to define which gift card product ROLLER uses when refunding onto a new gift card. 

We recommend creating a new gift card product then navigating to Settings > Account > Payments and select the gift card. 

Learn more - Configure gift card refund settings

Online gift card view

Customise the webpage that gift card recipients use to claim their gift card to update the default message, provide claim and redemption instructions.

To customise the gift card text, navigate to the product in Venue manager, and enter instructions in the Redemption text field. We’ve also updated the online gift card view, to make the page more printer-friendly. 

Updates to gift card reporting 

We've added new revenue recognition logic to support discounted gift cards and added a discount multiplier column to the gift cards report to proportionally recognize revenue related to a discounted gift card.

Work faster with keyboard shortcuts ⌨️

New keyboard shortcuts provide a quicker way of navigating Venue Manager and let you perform key actions without having to take your fingers off the keyboard. 

These shortcuts can be used on any page in Venue Manager to instantly access frequently used features and pages including:

  • Search bookings 
  • New booking 
  • Go to reports 
  • Open venue switch 
  • Show/hide keyboard shortcut help

Accessing keyboard shortcuts

  • Click ALT + / on Windows devices or OPTION + /  to view shortcut help.

Why not give it a try now - read our Keyboard shortcuts guide

Limiting very large bookings ✋

To ensure the performance of the ROLLER platform is consistently high, we have added a new validation to limit the size of bookings to ensure bookings are not created which impact the overall performance of the platform.

From now on a single booking may include a maximum of 50 line items and a maximum combined quantity of 4000 tickets. In the event that a booking exceeds these limits, you will be presented with an error notification. Simply reduce the number of items or tickets to continue. 

This applies to bookings created in any channel including POS, Online Checkouts, Venue Manager and via our API’s.

Check out all the May platform updates 🎬

Click on the image above to play the May updates video.

We've shipped a huge range of new features and updates to the ROLLER platform in May including:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Venue Manager
  • New capacity management tools and enhancements
    • New Daily Capacity redemption view
    • Simplifed Daily Capacity colors
    • New cell and row hover summary in Daily Capacity
    • New notes for blocked capacity
  • New gift card features and enhancements
    • New support for discounted gift cards
    • Added support to create and refund to gift card in POS & Venue Manager
    • Improved online gift card redemption page
    • Updated gift card reporting
  • Booking limits for very large bookings
  • More API updates

API Updates that will make your day 😁

This month we have continued to deliver more enhancements to our API's to ensure you are getting the most out of the ROLLER platform. 

Restful API

We’ve shipped the following updates for the RESTful API:

NEW Redemption Endpoint 

The redemption endpoint supports external systems that need to record ticket redemptions such as gate and access control providers.

Expanded payment method support

We've added support for further payment methods to the create booking endpoint. Previously, you could only mark a booking as paid with a credit card or cash. We have added Cheque, BankTransfer and Other as payment methods.

Data API 

The following Data API endpoints have been updated:

  • Revenue endpoint - booking location and voucher funds received field has been added,
  • Booking Items endpoint - CompanyId and BookingNotes fields have been added

Find out more

Check out our API docs

Platform updates, enhancements & fixes

The following updates, enhancements and fixes have been deployed:


  • Groupon - An update to add an option to prevent specific Groupon products from expiring in Revenue data
  • Xero - An update to make the Xero export date format follow the US date format


  • Address Validation
    • Resolved an issue where legitimate email accounts were showing incorrect email validation warning within the platform
    • Fixed an issue where the email validation shows a warning if you type too quickly despite the email being valid
  • Notifications - Fixed an issue where booking notification emails were being sent for all card transactions in POS for Venues with "Send confirmation email for VM bookings" enabled

Gift Cards 

  • Discounts- Resolved an issue where the discounted/ complimentary Gift card revenue logic not functioning as intended.
  • Custom Amount - Resolved an issue where custom-amount gift cards needed to be saved twice in order for both min & max amounts to save.

Other Items 

  • Online Checkout - Fixed an issue where embedded iFrame checkouts were not loading from regions outside the region the venues was hosted.
  • Playground - Resolved an issue where updating Playground was not refreshing the playground data.
  • Memberships - Fixed an issue where some venues were experiencing issues with memberships not displaying in POS, Venue Manager and Online Checkouts.
  • API - Resolved an issue where duplicate records were being returned on the Booking Items endpoint.
  • POS - Fixed an issue where POS was only working for the current day and switching to a different day was causing a smart menu issue.
  • Sessions - Resolved an issue relating to the sessions product setting "Start sales date" will not apply unless specified during initial product creation.
  • Schedules - Fixed an issue where copying schedules added all locations to each session and did not copy the location assignment correctly.
  • Locations - Fixed an issue where you were unable to update a tickets location.
  • Form submission - Resolved an issue where an error was occurring because the IP address was too long for the database field.
  • Membership - Fixed an issue where the KPI Dashboard was not loading for any venues. 
  • Products - Fixed an issue where the user-defined/custom cost was not saving while creating a product in Venue Manager.

Groupon available for all US venues 🥳

Our beta Groupon integration has been highly successful for participating venues and we’re pleased to announce the integration is now available to all US customers.  

The ROLLER Groupon Integration allows you to:

  • List products from ROLLER on Groupon.
  • Manage your Groupon offer's capacity and price in ROLLER.
  • Check-in Groupon offers in POS using the same process as other ROLLER bookings.
  • Include sales of Groupon offers in your ROLLER reports.
  • Updates in ROLLER sync with Groupon every hour.

Groupon offers are configured as regular products in ROLLER with a few additional settings. Below are the supported products & features: 

Supported products

  • Session passes
  • Standard passes
  • Stock items (attached to session / standard passes as an add-on)
  • Add-ons (attached to session / standard passes

Supported product features

  • Product names
  • Prices
  • Capacity
  • Session duration 
  • Dates available
  • Valid periods and multi-use tickets. For example, you can create a Groupon Standard Pass which is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

To get started with this integration, you must have an account with Groupon make sure you contact our Customer Success team to set this up. You can also read the Selling with Groupon integration guide. 

New and improved Venue Manager! 🙌

We have made a major update to Venue Manager to streamline and improve your ROLLER experience. 

Updated design

One of the most noticeable changes you will see is the updated color palette along with redesigning the navigation to make it easier for you to get things done.

New navigation bar

We removed the top masthead to give you more vertical space to manage ROLLER. The search bar and other navigation options that appeared in the old masthead have been moved to the bottom left corner. 

Accessing account settings, search, notifications and help

You now have quick access to all the tools you need from the new navigation bar. Click on the account details, search, notifications or help icons to open the relevant flyout panel and access the resources you require.

Minimising navigation bar

To maximise space you can now collapse or expand the navigation bar by clicking on the ROLLER logo on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Find out more about the new Venue Manager. 

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