Big updates to manage data privacy 🔒

To help venues manage the growing number of regulations relating to the protection of data, we have implemented a number of enhancements to help venues implement best practices and manage compliance with these regulations.

You now have the ability to manage the deletion of a guests personal data when requested. 

Deleting guests data

These data protection regulations enable guests to request the removal of all their identifiable information from your systems. To help venues comply with requests efficiently, we have developed functionality to automatically obfuscate this data from ROLLER. 

Find the guest record in Venue Manager and then click Delete.

Following this action ROLLER will automatically process the request and notify the venue when complete. When a guest record is deleted ROLLER will obfuscate the guest data by randomising all personally identifiable data in the guest record, memberships, bookings, tickets, activity stream & waivers. This includes:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth 
  • Address

The personally identifiable data is randomised to ensure reporting is not compromised and enables API consumers to also update their data stores following the guests request for deletion.

Find out more on how to delete a guest record.

Subscribe for marketing

Another enhancement is a new field to describe what the guest is opting to receive.

In some countries, Venues that want to use personal information for marketing purposes are required to explain in detail how that data will actually be used. To add this explanation:

  • Navigate to Settings > Policy in Venue Manager
  • Use this subscription opt-in explanation field to provide your guests with a detailed explanation of how their data will be used when they subscribe. 

Find out more here about Subscriber opt-in.

Add privacy policy links and notifications

Finally, we have added new fields to allow you to add privacy links to your online checkouts and configure confirmation emails relating to guest data deletion.

Find out more here about Configuring privacy settings.