Massive reporting upgrade, ROLLER payments beta & more ...

We've listened and actioned user feedback that described various challenges experienced reporting and analysing ROLLER data. A team of designers, developers, customer success and product specialists have focused on this challenge and this release is a mammoth update of ROLLER Reporting. 

It is the first of multiple planned phases of upgrades. As you will read below, these enhancements provide a significantly improved user experience for you as a user, however, hundreds of hours have also been spent improving our reporting technology and automated quality control processes.

We hope these updates help you to manage your venue more effectively and we encourage you to find out more and watch the demo video.

Reports upgrade

A major overhaul of ROLLER reporting including the underlying technology, a new automated testing framework and new features including:

  • New reports home page with more reports, favourites, help info and search
  • Drill-down access to the booking slide-out panel
  • New data grouping feature
  • Export to Excel
  • Refactored saved views to improve performance and usability
  • Many more usability enhancements for data display, column tooltips & report controls.

Find out more & watch the demo video

ROLLER Payments beta

We've launched our ROLLER Payments beta, a collaboration between ROLLER and Adyen to deliver a seamless and fully integrated global omni-channel payment experience. ROLLER Payments simplifies payments management from sign-up to payout by integrating these experiences directly into the ROLLER platform.
ROLLER Payments is in beta and currently available in limited countries.

HQ Report beta

We have created our first HQ multi-venue report for testing which aggregates data for all HQ linked venues.

Copy from activity stream

We've added the ability to highlight, copy and paste text from the booking activity stream in the Venue Manager.

Smart menu improvements

You can now easily change the section where tiles display when editing smart menus that utlize multiple sections. We've also fixed some issues with the display of session times for some ticket types.

Saved Views updates

As part of the reporting enhancements, the user experience and performance of Saved Views has been improved. These benefits extend to other parts of Venue Manager including Bookings, Runsheet, Daily Capacity, Bookings Calendar, Companies and Waiver Holders pages.

Ticket logo deprecation

The ticket template has been updated to utilise the default logo located in the brand & appearance section of the Venue Manager and the ticket logo has been deprecated as a result.

Weekly availability deprecation

The weekly availability view has been removed and deprecated. This view was a legacy view which has now been superseded.

Other updates and fixes:

  • Membership UI updates - fixed minor UI inconsistencies when creating membership products.
  • Membership name improvements - when a name is assigned to a membership ticket in POS, this data will correctly pull through to the Venue Manager.
  • Staff creation - we've updated the staff welcome email so staff members are required to complete the account creation process before being prompted to log-in.
  • Adyen refunds - integrated refunds have been enhanced to subscribe to notifications to account for scenario's where the merchant's account has insufficient funds to process the refund.
  • Deferred Revenue - fixed an issue where some instances of expired bookings were appearing when selecting a future date.
  • Waiver form signature - applied an update to fix issues with the signature field on Waiver Kiosk mobile devices.
  • POS keypad re-alignment - implemented small POS design updates to move the keypad for complimentary payments so it's in line with other payment types.