More ROLLER payments features, HQ reporting and a new billing integration

Managing Adyen online payments

We've upgraded our Adyen online payment experiences to eliminate the pop-up window and embed secure hosted fields directly into the payment page. This enhancement provides a much better payment experience for guests and improves useability significantly on mobile devices. The update includes:

  • secure embedded fields into the payment page for Online Checkout and Invoice payments
  • a new seamless full-page redirection flow where a 3rd party page is required in the authorisation flow such as strong customer authentication or alternative payment methods.
  • configuration interface in Venue Manager to optimise conversion and cost efficiency by sorting the list and auto-expanding your preferred payment method
  • updates to manage the pay later option

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ROLLER Payments reporting updates

The ROLLER Payments beta program has been very successful with participating venues in Europe and Australia. As we prepare to make ROLLER Payments available for general release we’ve introduced several reporting updates.

  • Transactions report
    This report combines the three previous export reports (Authorised, Settled and Payouts) into a single report that provides a full audit log of each transaction as it transitions through the payment lifecycle from authorised to settled and paid out.
  • Daily Summary report
    Aggregates daily activity by channel and payment method and displays payment submissions, authorised payments, refunds, chargebacks, settled funds and acquiring fees on those settled funds.
  • Daily Balances report
    Records the daily balance of the venues merchant account. As transactions settle daily the value of funds available for payout increases in the merchant account and this report enables venues to track the funds pending payout.
  • Transactions list
    ROLLER Payments also includes a new Transactions interface which replaces your gateways merchant portal. Staff can filter the list of transactions and easily find transactions by card number, transaction ID or Booking ID.

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HQ reports

Venues using HQ functionality now have access to the HQ Revenue Recognition Report. This report enables HQ venues to aggregate Revenue Recognition data from all selected venues for a week period or less into a single report.

The report grid enables grouping by venue, record type, reporting category and payment status. These groupings and report settings can be saved as View for fast selection in future.

Billing integration

We have integrated our billing platform with Venue Manager to make it easy for venues to self-manage their ROLLER billing and subscription relationship.

Account Holders and Billing Contacts will now be able to access the Subscription and Billing portal within Venue Manager. From here you can now view your account, download invoices, add and edit payment methods and soon you will also be able to manage your subscription plan.

Updates and Fixes

Reporting sync updates

Upgrades to the synchronisations which export and flatten data to our reporting databases have been completed for transaction, revenue and customer records. This completes this performance initiative which has eliminated failures and provides near time availability of reporting data.

Venue contacts

With the integration of Billing, Account Holders and Billing Contacts now have additional privileges to manage your ROLLER subscription. So we’ve added new restrictions to limit edit access to Account Holders.

Referenced refunds for recurring payments

We've added support for Adyen referenced refunds to enable refunds to be processed on tokenised recurring payments.

Disable HQ category sync

This update enables an HQ controlled venue to be excluded from product reporting category synchronisation.

Reporting fixes

  • Fixed an issue re revenue reporting which relates to the refund and cancellation of a booking where funds were collected after a redemption or expiry event
  • Fixed an issue where accounts receivable was incorrectly reported that bookings were overpaid when bookings met certain edge case scenario's
  • Fixed an issue with recognition of revenue of a booking that is cancelled but not refunded
  • Fixed an issue where some fully paid transactions are listed in accounts receivable report

Membership editing

Fixed an issue which allowed a membership booking to be edited at POS. Membership bookings can not be edited, they must be cancelled and/or refunded.

Refunds in the activity stream

Fixed issue where a refund issued in Venue Manager was not displayed in activity stream in some venues.

Cookie authorisation issues

We've updated LaunchPad to operate from the domain which resolves issues with cross-site cookies which are prevalent in Safari and most browsers running in incognito mode.

Time tracker interface

Fixed an issue with the Add shift button in Venue Manager.