New setting to control editing of past bookings

Last month we added restrictions to prevent editing and creation of past bookings in Venue Manager. This impacted some venues unnecessarily such as those that use the cash accounting method so we’ve added a new configuration setting to allow you to control this restriction.

  1. In Venue Manager, head over to Settings > Account > Venue Settings
  2. Unlock the Venue Settings page to enable editing
  3. Scroll down to the Bookings & Enquiries panel and you will see the new Booking Modifications field

This Booking Modifications setting defines how your venue can interact with past bookings. 

Disable all historical modifications restricts changes to any past booking items, preventing past revenue data from changing.

Allow all modifications allow staff to edit any booking and should be used by venues reporting on a cash basis.

You can also enable editing of booking items in the current week/month or set a custom date based on how you manage your reporting and accounting.

Find about more about Modifying bookings in Venue Manager.