Platform updates, enhancements & fixes

Today the following updates, enhancements and fixes have been deployed:

POS Authentication

This release includes a fix for an occasional issue that has been hard to replciate where POS was allowing a user to switch without authentication. Many thanks to the customers that helped to pinpoint the actions that resulted in this behaviour.


  • Importing - Added a field to the Membership import template to show the recurring billing amount.
  • Cancellations - Added "pending deactivation" as an importable status in ROLLER.
  • Discounts - Hid the discount code created from the purchase of memberships that are showing up in the list of discount codes in Venue Manager.
  • Discount Codes - Implemented a change to ensure that members don’t make bookings in the future that may extend past the validity of their membership. 


  • Detailed Transaction and Detailed Product Sales - Updated text from "Vouchers Redeemed" in reports to "Vouchers"
  • Scheduled emails -  Enabled editing of existing scheduled tasks so staff can remove email addresses without having to recreate the task.
  • Guest - Resolved an issue where the guest's column did not sort in any logical order and now sorts alphabetically. 


  • Description field - Added a character limit to the "Description" fields for Packages
  • Email and PDF tickets - An update to the layout of the confirmation email and PDF includes the following: Removing the line items under each package header, adding the total price of the package next to the header line item, if there are multiple of the same package, adding a ‘2x’ next to the package header, and the associated price is increased as a result and the Every day from message has been replaced by the booking date if there is a session in the package.

Other Items 

  • Wallet - Resolved an issue where you were unable to create a wallet. 
  • Waiver image - Resolved an issue where once staff had set an explainer image. within a waiver, there is no way to then remove the waiver image to revert back to not having an image contained within the waiver. 
  • Self serve kiosk - Fixed an issue where the Subscriber opt-in explanation text was only appearing on the left-hand side.  
  • Discount Codes - Resolved an issue where there was an infinite loading loop when clicking on discount code within a booking.
  • Bookings calendar - Fixed an issue where the booking calendar skips the month of February
  • Activation email - Fixed an issue where the maximum staff password limit was not being validated in the password activation email.
  • Receipts - Resolved an issue where dockets and recipes with a slash were printing multiple times.
  • ROLLER Payments - removed the country restriction on ROLLER payment methods.
  • Product - An update to the product type filters. 
  • Gift Card-  An update to make the gift card redemption page translatable.