Validate email addresses & reach guests ✉️

Email is an important tool for guests to receive order confirmations and as a channel for you to conduct successful marketing.  We’ve been working hard to help improve email deliverability with many enhancements in past months and achieved great results, but it all starts with a valid email address.

Errors happen and accidental typos are often made when entering email addresses. Our logs show frequently mistyped email domains or accidental incorrect letters in email addresses are now the primary cause of failed email delivery. 

To help resolve this, we have created a new email validation function to validate email addresses entered by guests or staff. 

This function checks that the domain of the email entered has a valid mailbox DNS record and will warn the user like this if the email address entered is invalid. Initially, the function will warn and prompt the user to confirm if the address is incorrect but will not block them.

This feature will help you ensure the email data you gather is correct and has been applied to all applications that gather email addresses.