You can now add images to waivers 👏

Waivers have had an upgrade with a couple of important enhancements that will make for a smoother check-in experience.

Adding an Explainer Image 

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, and when it comes to a venue’s waiver, an image can convey key safety concepts more efficiently than a block of text. 

We have added support for explainer images in Waivers. When a guest signs a waiver via either the waiver kiosk or the online waiver, they’re presented this image directly before the waiver text.

Setting up the explainer image is simple and can be done from the waiver details page in Venue Manager.

Explain what marketing guests are subscribing for

We've added a new field to describe what the guest is opting to receive. In some countries, Venues that want to use personal information for marketing purposes are required to explain in detail how that data will actually be used.

To add this explanation:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Policy in Venue Manager
  2. Use this subscription opt-in explanation field to provide your guests with a detailed explanation of how their data will be used when they subscribe. 

Fixing the behaviour of hyperlinks in several public-facing apps

To ensure that guests have a seamless check-in experience, we have hidden all hyperlinks when a pop up appears on top of a waiver. 

Check out this article Create a waiver for more information on these updates.