ROLLER Payments for Self Serve Kiosks πŸ™Œ

We’re happy to announce ROLLER Payments is now available for ROLLER Self Serve Kiosks. 

Self Serve Kiosks are a great tool for parks to improve efficiency, reduce labour costs and increase revenue. The integration of ROLLER Payments adds support for a world-class unified commerce payment solution that delivers the flexibility of payment methods, advanced fraud protection tools, the highest level of security and coverage in over 25 countries.

If you are interested in migrating to ROLLER Payments or adding a self-serve kiosk to your venue please reach out to our customer success team. 

Windcave Payment integration

We have partnered with Windcave (formally Payment Express) to bring you a new cloud terminal service that will integrate with our POS and Self Serve Kiosk applications.

Windcave provides an end-to-end payment solution and ensures transactions are safe, smooth and secure.

If you are interested in using Windcave as your payment gateway make sure you contact our Customer Success team.  

Receive reports automatically by email πŸ“§

Creating and sending reports to multiple people outside ROLLER can be a tedious task so we’ve made life a little easier for you with our new scheduled reporting feature. 

Scheduled reporting allows you to send ROLLER reports to multiple email addresses on a periodic basis. 

A key takeaway of this feature is that you can control the time period of the report data, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, and you can also choose how often they are sent to your recipients. 

Find out more about sending scheduled reports.

Discount enhancements you'll love 😍

We've released a bunch of great new Discount features into ROLLER to make it simpler and faster to manage discounts.


Favorites allow Staff members to quickly select discounts from this new interface in POS - yep no more tedious typing of codes 🥳

Discount codes can be tagged to display in POS in Venue Manager so that only select discounts are available. 

List filters

Many venues have hundreds of discounts and the simple act of finding a discount can be tedious when you can't remember its name. With this update, you're able to filter the discount list by Discount type, status or Favourite setting to allow you easily isolate something like 'all active, 2 for 1 discounts'.


We’re very happy to announce that one of the most requested features has finally been implemented - the ability to Archive a discount. 

To archive a discount and remove it from the view of active discounts in Venue Manager, select Archive from the options menu. You can view archived discounts at any time using the Status filter and if you decide to reuse an archived discount at a later point in time, simply unarchive it.

Check out this Help Centre article for detailed instructions. 

Don't leave your memberships behind!

You can now import all memberships when you migrate your venue to ROLLER 🥳

Memberships and subscription based experiences are one of the much loved areas of ROLLER and is a key driver to the success for many of our venues. 

Our new membership import feature now allows venues to transfer over memberships from their old software to ROLLER. This feature enhancement manages the payment token transfer processes allowing for a seamless guest experience. 

This feature is live and available to clients migrating to ROLLER who are using the Worldpay (Vantiv) integration. To find out more about migrating your memberships, please reach out to the ROLLER Customer Success team.

Partnership with Fiskaly for our German venues

Germany has introduced a new regulation whereby all devices processing sales must be equipped with a certified device that records all transactions and issues a cryptographically signed receipt. 

To help make sure our German venues are compliant we have partnered with Fiskaly to provide a simple and safe cloud solution without the need for hardware devices. 

If you are a German venue make sure you contact our Customer Success team to purchase the Fiskaly addon and organise implementation ahead of the March 31 government deadline.

2-click POS smart menu upgrades πŸš€

Smart menus have been a hugely popular upgrade to ROLLER POS. Staff have commented that they've significantly improved the POS user experience, making it easier to learn and much faster to operate.

To help you migrate your POS devices to Smart Menus, we've added this new upgrade function that allows you to upgrade in just a few clicks. Watch how simple the upgrade it here:

Legacy POS menus will be deprecated next month and notifications have been added to these devices in both POS and Venue Manager. 

Check out this Help Center article Upgrade your legacy POS menus for detailed instructions. 

πŸ“¬ Email delivery statuses are now available

Email is great when everything just works, but sometimes problems delay or prevent delivery. When this happens and a guest calls reporting that they haven't received an email there hasn't been much staff could do other than resending and hope it gets there. 

New we've added email delivery statuses to the Booking activity stream to enable staff to better assist guests and resolve these situations.

Theses statuses include Sending, Delivered, Failed, Marked as Spam and Recipient Blocked with Failed emails providing staff with the reason when they hover on the status.

Find out more about Email delivery status.

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