Instant location capacity updates, platform enhancements and fixes 🚀

We've released a bunch of key updates and fixes for the platform - read on for full details:

Location capacity

Product availability will NOW be instantly updated when a location's capacity is edited. Previously we cached this capacity for performance, so we've optimised this and updated the function.

Invoice payment support for 3DS + alternative payment methods

We've added support for the new online redirection flow to enable 3D secure and alternative payment methods such as iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, Klarna and many others.

When you send guests an invoice you can now achieve liability shift with 3D secure and offer popular local payment methods.

English language override

We've fixed a number of instances in different apps and emails where this setting was not correctly overriding the venues default language.

Online Checkout updates:

  • Browser autocomplete - enhanced error handling for cases where the guest autocomplete data includes an invalid or incomplete address.
  • Date fields- corrected several issues with date fields including:
    • Another field was displayed on top of the date selector element of the Gift Card Send Date field.
    • Solved a problem when the browser zoom was not set at 100%.
  • Package products - solved a quantity error where the package contains a session product.
  • Force minimum purchase - fixed several issues relating to the recent online checkout upgrade with this feature.
  • Zip/postcode field - solved an issue that caused this field to incorrectly display in some checkouts.

Reporting updates:

  • Product Revenue by Reporting Category - implemented new logic to correct Quantity Recognized data discrepancies.
  • Export to Excel - fixed an issue exporting to Excel on the Deferred Revenue report.

Other updates and fixes:

  • Enquiry form bookings - fixed an issue that prevented users from viewing these booking records in Venue Manager.
  • Booking restrictions - resolve an issue where bookings that had both past and future dated booking items would incorrectly restrict staff from editing.
  • Email responses - solved a problem with responses to emails generated from activity stream not being displayed in Inbox.
  • Self-serve kiosk - fixed an issue adding products to menus.
  • Order confirmation email - solved an issue where 100% discounted bookings created via the API we're not sending order confirmation emails.
  • Tickets API - resolved an issue where booking date was not included in the endpoints payload.

Updates & fixes

We just shipped a bunch of other updates and fixes, namely:

API usage
We've added a new section to the API keys page in Venue Manager that allows staff to immediately view the volume of calls made to the API for the last 30 days and download detailed usage to a CSV file.

Smart menu's
As part of the transition to POS Smart Menus, we've removed the ability to create new legacy menus for a POS device or template.

Legacy session builder
In preparation for our upcoming new Schedule Manager feature, a button "Use schedules" will appear when editing session products using the legacy session builder. Clicking "Use schedules" removes the legacy session builder (and its sessions) and allows you to create schedules.

Waiver holders fix
Resolved an issue with the date selector on the Waiver Holders page in Venue Manager which resulted in no Waivers signed more than 365 days ago being returned in search results regarding of the date/period selected.

Adyen drop-in component updates

  • Added messaging and validation to prevent guests from completing duplicate payments on Invoice Widget payments
  • Fixed an issue with the discount value displaying incorrectly on the order confirmation page
  • Fixed an issue that prevented venues from processing gateway refunds in Venue Manager
Membership updates
  • Fixed an issue with membership discount application where a custom membership ID is applied
  • Fixed a UI issue which prevented the future date selector being used in POS sales of recurring memberships
  • Updated a label on the membership growth report

Minor POS fixes

  • Fixed an issue with tipping where {STAFF} was displayed instead of the staff members name
  • Fixed an issue with partial payments where an incorrect payment status was displayed

New POS login experience & other updates/fixes

Enhanced POS login experience

You can now quickly and easily enter your POS PIN using our on-screen keyboard. This optimisation increases the speed of operation and reduces staff fatigue by eliminating the hand travel between the keyboard and touch screen.

Qatar support for PayFort

Venues operating in Qatar can now process online transactions using our PayFort integration.

Removal of "Manager's code"

The device-level Managers code has been removed. This code was a legacy control implemented prior to staff member level roles and hence is no longer required.

Support for Swiss Venues

We can now create and manage venues in Switzerland that comply with local language & currency requirements.

Venue Manager terminology updates

The label 'payment' has been changed 'status' & 'owing' to 'balance' in Venue Manager to maintain consistency and avoid any confusion for staff.

Other updates and fixes:

  • Expiring existing waivers - this fix ensures all existing waivers are expired when updating your waiver, if selected. This action was failing for some venues with a large number of waivers.
  • Smart menu updates - we've released several improvements of the new smart menu feature to support barcode scanning, implemented UI enhancements in Venue Manager, fixed UX issues with session products & playground usability.
  • Unpaid POS bookings - enables the entry of $0 bookings in ROLLER POS if the staff members permissions permit.
  • POS cash rounding - a fix has been applied to correctly round transactions involving discounts and cash payment at POS, to eliminate whereby an amount owing balance.
  • Venue Manager payments - a fix was applied relating to the processing of card payments for staff members with access to multiple venues in Venue Manager.
  • Strong POS PIN validation - we've improved validation for staff roles that require a strong POS PIN so that staff accounts can't be created without a POS PIN equal to or greater than 8 characters.
  • Discount date selector UI fix - we've added changes that improves the user experience when selecting redemption dates for discounts.
  • Kounta gift card redemption - we made updates to our integration to support recent changes by Kounta to ensure clients can continue to redeem ROLLER gift cards in Kounta.
  • Package ticket improvements - package tickets will now display the booking date under the 'when' section of the email confirmation instead of the sales period.
  • Staff validation update - we've added further validation to make it clear to the user that the last name is required when creating new staff accounts.
  • Form description - fixed a small UI issue when updating the description of a form.
  • Axess integration update - we've updated our Axess integration to support recent firmware changes implemented by Axess.
  • HQ reporting category sync - updated the HQ to linked venue background task to sync the child reporting ID or each item to its associated products.
  • Date selector - fixed a minor UI issue with the height of several modal windows which affected the ability to easily interact with UI elements such as date pickers and drop down elements.

POS updates galore with Smart Menus, a new membership redemption experience & fraud enhancements

Smart Menus

We're very excited to announce that new Smart Menu feature for POS now supports all product types - from standard passes to session passes, add ons to stock items. Additionally, we've added the ability to implement sections within a Smart Menu. 

Learn more about POS Smart Menu

Membership Redemption at POS

A brand new experience for staff members at POS when redeeming memberships to improve efficiency and accuracy of headcount reporting. These user experience changes also extend to sales flows for memberships where waivers are associated with the membership product and some minor improvements to the waiver assignment interface.

Learn more about redeeming membership in POS

POS fraud enhancements

A Venue Setting has been added to enable venues to force authorisation of all refunds [via POS PIN's] for any refunds at POS regardless of the staff member which is logged into the device. Learn more about venue settings

New staff permission has also been added, "Require strong POS PIN" in the staff role management function in Venue Manager. When enabled, this will require any staff member with that role to create a POS PIN that is a minimum of 8 characters in length.

In many cases, staff members become aware of the POS PIN of managers with 4 or fewer characters. This setting is designed to improve security and encourage staff members with higher privileges to utilise devices such as RFID wristbands. Additionally, we are passing out the support of the shared device level "Manager PIN". Learn more about staff roles

Other updates and fixes:

  • Plain-text email - to increase deliverability, we are now sending both an HTML and plain-text version of our emails to your customers.
    Learn more about emails sent to your customers from ROLLER
  • Waivers search improvement - waiver search has been optimised to manage common non-numeric characters entered by guests so that searches can now be performed by typing any type of format including 3334445555, 333-444-5555, (333) 444-5555, or 333 444 5555.
  • POS incomplete payments - if partial payment has been applied to a booking and the browser session is refreshed, a pop-up window will be displayed to prompt the POS operator to proceed to process full payment or dismiss the window [if their staff permission enables].
  • Braintree SDK upgrade - updated the SDK which ROLLER utilises to integrate with Braintree as they announced deprecation of the legacy SDK which we were previously using.
  • POS sold out banner - a "sold-out" banner will now be displayed in POS if a stock item has a quantity level of 0.
  • Sequential receipt in Venue Manager - we have extended our existing functionality to generate sequential receipts, now available for Venue Manager generated receipts as well.
    Please get in touch with our Support team to enable this on your venue
  • Customer pays fees setting - tooltip displays warning text that when active, customers will be notified of the following fees before making payment: Credit card fee (%), the Transaction fee (%), the Transaction fee ($), Product fee (Per product).
  • Product availability in Smart Menu - product availabilities are now showing correctly in Smart Menu.
  • Overbooking in Venue Manager warning message - minor UI issue has been rectified to ensure the warning message when overbooking an item in Venue Manager is displayed correctly.
  • Currency display in POS - minor UI issue has been rectified with the display of Swiss and French currencies in POS.

New POS tendering experience to improve speed + heaps of other updates

New POS tendering experience

We've redesigned and rebuilt the payment tendering interfaces in ROLLER POS to provide a more intuitive and streamlined process with improved functionality with respect to multi-tendering of transactions. This enhancement is designed to improve staff efficiency, accuracy and training.

Learn more about processing transactions in POS

Dashboard enhancements

Your dashboard in Venue Manager has received a makeover to make it simpler for you to track key metrics. A new Revenue metric has been added and you can now view all metrics for any date using the dashboard global date selector.

If your venue has activated ROLLER's membership functionality, a new panel has been added to the dashboard to display key metrics including active members, a summary of recurring payments processed, sales and churn.

Learn more about the dashboard features in Venue Manager

Xero export for cash accounting

We have added a cash accounting version of the Xero export report, where revenue is recognized when funds are received. Please contact our Support team if you would like to get access to this report.

Learn more about Xero export for cash accounting

Added support for PayFort to Invoice widget

Invoice widget now supports the PayFort payment gateway via a hosted payment page flow. This enables guests to pay invoices directly using their credit card using the invoice email link.

Learn more about sending invoices from ROLLER

Other updates and fixes:

  • Gratuity report - now includes Booking ID to help you reconcile tips when needed. Learn more about Gratuity report
  • Transactions by product report - has been updated to reflect adjustments related to refunds after redemption/expiry and cancellation. Learn more about transactions by product report
  • Recurring pass check in - function has been update to enable a POS operator without "can edit past bookings" permission to check in a recurring pass post the first check-in. Learn more about checking in booking in POS
  • Xero export date format - all dates in the Xero reports are now exported in YYYY format.
  • Exclusion period in session pass - dates excluded on a session pass under the "advanced settings" section is now displaying correctly in the checkout.
  • Attendance reporting correction - an anomaly discovered for a small number of venues have been fixed with all historical data corrected. All affected venues have been notified earlier this month with a recommendation to regenerate reports from the 1st December 2019 as they could include increased headcount and thus revenue in that period.
  • Auto-check in using barcode scanners when the auto-check in setting is enabled, tickets scanned using a barcode scanner is automatically checked in without any additional buttons need to be clicked.
  • Discount code limit per customer is now applying correctly in the checkout, Venue Manager, and POS.
  • POS booking adjustment and activity stream - the booking activity stream in Venue Manager is now correctly recording any adjustments made to a booking in the POS (i.e. removing a ticket from the booking).
  • Ticket status - logic has been updated to ensure the correct status is displayed when viewing a booking's ticket status in Venue Manager under the Booking details > Items.
  • Address autocomplete - typing in a new address located in the US will now bring up a matching address automatically.
  • Country field mapping for customers located in the Netherlands - typing in an address in the Netherlands will now map the country name correctly to the customer's profile.
  • Ticket purchased time - the purchased time displayed on the tickets sent to customers is now correctly displaying the time based on the venue's timezone rather than UTC.
  • Updating membership payment details in POS - a fix has been put in place to enable POS operators to update credit card details for recurring membership payment in POS again.
  • Credit card fee for recurring membership payment - if a credit card fee is set by a venue, the recurring membership fee will include this to the total balance charged to the customer.
  • EOD (multi day) balance report - reporting logic has been fixed so that memberships that have been checked in (redeemed) and then refunded and cancelled will balance the deferred revenue and recognized revenue correctly.
  • FirstData Singapore payment gateway - we have updated our integration to send the same MxissueNo reference in both the authentication and authorisation calls as requested by FDMS.

POS smart menu beta & general updates + fixes

POS Smart menu updates

  • POS Smart Menu add-ons - automatically insert any add-ons associated to the products in the menu when building a Smart Menu by clicking this new 'Add linked add-ons' button.
  • Deleting POS Smart Menu tiles - added auto-focus to the tile that fills the space of the deleted when editing a POS Smart Menu in Venue Manager.
  • POS Smart Menu product subheading - a fix has been implemented to correctly display the subheading added to a product tile in POS Smart menu.
  • Smart Menu product search - only the search result will be displayed when searching for a product within a POS Smart Menu tab.

Other POS updates

  • Reorder POS menus - you can now change the order of each POS menu tab by dragging and dropping it in Venue Manager.
  • Amount owing styling - the owing value will be displayed in red text when viewing a booking with partial payment in Venue Manager.
  • Adding more products in POS - clicking back from the POS payment page will take you to the previous menu tab prior to continuing to the payment page.
  • Issue closing tills - a fix has been implemented to resolve issues some venues encountered closing a till session at POS due to an outstanding offline booking.

Other updates & fixes

  • Gift card data in API - added a new API field providing the gift card deferred revenue to the Revenues endpoint.
  • Online Checkout sales period - a fix has been implemented to stop online sales from closing after editing a product.
  • Guests metric - guest count of cancelled bookings have been deducted from the "guests booked" metric in the End of Day report and the "guests" metric of the Bookings report.
  • Xero export timezone - a fix has been implemented to address the venue timezone/time offset challenge, ensuring that the correct data is displayed on the Xero export.
  • Pop-up modal - when certain buttons are clicked, the appropriate pop-up modals will be displayed. For example, the payment modal after clicking the take payment button in the Venue Manager.
  • H&L / Zen Global integration - we have increased the retry logic to eliminate the challenge with gift cards not syncing properly between ROLLER and H&L / Zen Global.
  • Copy client API key ID - the correct ID is now going to be copied when using the copy button next to the Client ID field in the API keys page.

POS Smart Menu release, Venue Manager usability enhancements, membership upgrades and more

POS Smart Menus

Now available to all venues after a successful Early Access Program - POS Smart menus are designed to improve the speed and performance of operators by improving efficiency when selling session based products.

Venues that tested over the busy holiday period experienced improved transaction speed at POS, simpler operation (& thus training) for staff and More than 40% reduction in the number of menu tabs per POS device.

Try POS Smart Menus in your venue

Venue Manager UX enhancements

We've implemented a number of enhancements in Venue Manager to improve usability for staff members:

Slide out panels
Clicking an item in the bookings view opens a slide-out displaying the item details.

Payments tab
A new payments tab has been introduced in the booking view which displays the booking's payment details and transaction history.

Activity stream enhancements
The activity stream design has been enhanced to reduce the height of each event in order to allow more events to be viewed without scrolling. Clicking on an event then expands to display the full event .

Membership Upgrades

Increase your revenue and drive customer loyalty by seamlessly upgrading existing passes or memberships instantly at POS. This feature make this task fast and simple, using the existing payment token when upgrading from an existing membership and will pro-rata all funds due or owed.

Learn more about upgrading memberships

Membership Reports

A set of new membership reports are now available for clients utilizing the membership feature. These reports include:

Memberships report
An exportable report of members which can be filtered by membership status, type and product. Find out more

Membership Redemption report
A report of membership redemptions which can be filtered by membership product and date. Find out more

Membership Event Log report
A report which lists the member status changes which can be filtered by previous and new membership status. Find out more

Membership Growth report
A report which records and plots graphically the new memberships sold, churned members and thus overall growth per day for a period. Find out more

Other updates and fixes:

  • Unsaved schedule changes

    A warning will be presented if changes to your session pass schedule have been made but not saved. ROLLER will display a warning message to let you know that there are unsaved changes before you can publish the product.
    Learn more about creating a session pass

  • Group bookings in Venue Manager

    When adding a group pass (i.e. 1 group pass = tickets will be generated for 10 people) to a booking in the Venue Manager, the number of tickets that will be generated when the pass is added to the booking will be displayed in the availability selector. A warning message will also be displayed when more than 100 tickets will be generated for the staff member to confirm the action.
    Learn more about creating a new booking in Venue Manager

  • Activity stream and availability selector when creating new bookings

    When creating a new booking, you will no longer have to switch between the activity stream and the availability selector. The activity stream tab will be hidden while creating a new booking, and will only be available once the booking is saved and reserved.
    Learn more about booking activity stream

  • POS receipt printing setting

    To avoid language confusion, we have changed the setting called "Display multiple purchases of the same item as a single line item" to "Print each item on a separate line". Setting this to "no" will print items in a group. Setting this to "yes" will list each item in a separate line
    Learn more about POS receipt settings

  • Attendance report

    We have changed the term "Total redemption count" to "Check ins" and "Unique Visitor" to "Unique Tickets Checked In" to better explain the summarized figures.
    Learn more about attendance report

  • Reporting filter

    We have consolidated the payment type filter to only display payment types that are commonly used across all clients.
    Learn more about transactions report

  • Discount code usage report

    The term "Remaining validity" has been updated to "Uses" as the column shows the number of times the discount code as been used.
    Learn more about discount code usage report

  • Revenue logic for Worldpay Storecards

    An update has been implemented to change the revenue data logic, where it is now treated as a gift card deferred revenue, with no redemption or expiry entry. When the card is used to make a purchase, the gift card deferred revenue will be reduced and transferred to the deferred revenue for the product purchased.
    Learn more about revenue report

  • Resending gift card email

    Staff members no longer require the "Can edit past booking" permission enabled to resend the gift card email to a customer.
    Learn more about staff role permissions

  • Amount charged for products with custom tax

    Online checkout is now displaying the correct amount charged to the customer when a custom tax percentage is applied to a product.

  • Viewing signed waiver in Venue Manager

    The drop-down option now shows the text "View signed waiver (PDF)" displayed correctly.

  • Staff roles

    The role "Can overbook capacity" is now displayed correctly.

  • Recurring payment for an upgraded membership

    Recurring payments are no longer charging customers more than the defined number of payments if the original membership has been upgraded to a new membership.

Platform updates and fixes

  • POS address capture

    When capturing address for walk-in customers in POS, the default listed country will match the venue's country.

  • Refund revenue recognition

    Reported revenue will reduce on the date the refund is processed, not the booking date for all refunds processed from 1-Jan-2020. Previously the reduction of revenue as a result of the refund would be posted at the booking date, hence altering revenue figures that have potentially been reported/exported.
    Example: Booking for $100 dated 1-Jan-2020 will report revenue of $100 for that day.
    A refund is performed for that booking on the 10-Jan-2020 for $20.
    Revenue will be reduced by $20 on 10-Jan-2020.

  • Change Log

    You can now access and view this change log anytime from Venue Manager by clicking on the resources options dropdown on the top right-hand corner and selecting "What's new". You can also access anytime directly at

  • WorldPay Refunds

    An update has been implemented to mitigate inconsistencies in WorldPay API's in some regions. ROLLER will now trigger a refund immediately where the transaction was created before 04:00 of the current day [rather than upon an unsuccessful reversal request].

  • Template Studio

    Tickets from Template Studio has been updated to display Korean (hangul) characters.

  • Issue closing till

    A fix has been implemented to resolve issues some venues encountered when closing a till session at POS because of an outstanding offline booking.

  • Incomplete payments page

    The incomplete payments page has been restored in Venue Manager.

  • Changing staff member on POS

    Changing a staff member on POS will correctly update the activity log in POS and activity stream in the Venue Manager.

  • Membership card capture

    The last 4 digits of the credit card presented for recurring membership is now showing on the booking details' ticket view in Venue Manager.

  • Membership refunds

    Refunding a membership product will now generate a negative recognized revenue value and zero any deferred revenue. Data for previous membership with refunds have also been adjusted.

  • Memberships in Playground

    A membership discount is now generating in the Playground environment for membership products as they do in the Live environments.

  • Membership POS redemption

    An error has been fixed that resulted in Staff Members being displayed an invalid discount error when redeeming memberships in POS for two consecutive customers.

  • Membership cancelation / deactivation

    The ability to remove a membership product from a booking in POS and Venue Manager has been disabled. To cancel or deactivate a membership, staff are required to utilize Venue Manager and the "Deactivate membership" function.

  • Bank transfer / pay later update

    Guests will no longer be prompted for payment to be completed in online checkouts if the "bank transfer" or "pay later" payment method is selected.

  • Editing existing bookings in POS

    When staff members edit or add an item to existing bookings in POS, it will update the existing booking [instead of creating a new booking].

  • Create new booking

    Clicking the "create new booking" button In Venue Manager from the booking details tab and a future booking date, the availability selector will no longer show an error message indicating what date the new booking should be.

  • Gift card export

    A fix has been implemented to correct the summary figures on the gift card details page in Venue Manager to display correct grand total and remaining balance values in the .csv export.

  • GL code report

    The correct GL code will be displayed in the GL code report when Venues have updated product GL codes.

  • Attendance & revenue reports discrepancy

    A fix has been implemented to eliminate server time discrepancies which resulted in report discrepancies. Data from the last 30 days has also been updated to correct variances.

  • Transaction & revenue report discrepancies

    A fix has been implemented to eliminate discrepancies in funds received between the transaction and revenue reports.

  • iDeal payment error

    Changes to messaging have been implemented to accomodate occasional scenarios where guests using iDeal in online checkout were presented with an unsupported browser error.

  • Waiver expiry email

    An update has been implement to change the URL sent to end customers as part of the waiver expiry reminder email.

  • Discount code validity

    An update has been implemented to discount code validity to ensure the code redemption period matches the end date configured in Venue Manager as per the venues timezone [not UTC].

  • Discount code usage report

    An update has been implemented to display the date and time a discount code was used in the venues local time zone [rather than UTC time].

  • Activity Stream

    Sent invoice data generated during a activity stream outage has been restored to the system.

  • Updating venue phone number

    Administrators can now update the venue's phone number in the venue settings page of Venue Manager.

Platform updates & fixes

  • Discount code restriction

    You can now apply a day of week and/or time of day based restriction to discounts.
    E.g. discount applies Monday and Thursdays between 1pm and 4:45pm.
    Find out about discount code restrictions

  • Edit past booking permission

    A new staff permission has been added to restrict a users ability to edit a past booking including the ability to take payment, refund, add or remove items, adjust booking holders, adjust booking date, quantity, and booking notes.
    The permission to enable editing of past bookings is active for Administrator and Managers roles.
    See more about the edit past booking permission

  • Docket printing

    A new switch (Print dockets for all stock products) has been added to the receipts settings page in Venue Manager (Apps > Point of Sale > Settings > Receipt) to bulk manage docket printing. If left disabled, production dockets will only be printed for stock items that require production dockets to be printed as defined by the stock products settings. If turned active, it will print production docket for all stock items regardless of the product configuration.

  • Data API

    The last four digits of credit cards used to make a payment are now added to the booking payments data source. Also other deferred revenue is now added to the revenue data source and the price of child products is now added to the product data source.

  • Booking activity stream

    Items removed from a booking are now displayed in the activity stream.

  • POS activity history

    POS activity history is clickable to enable POS users to view the booking details.

  • Add to POS link

    Following the creation of a product, clicking the add to POS button will now take you to the POS devices page.

  • Accept marketing & Self-Serve Kiosk

    When customers complete a waiver only on the Self-Serve Kiosk, they will now be asked whether they would like to receive marketing materials from the venue. This setting can be customized and turned off from the Venue Manager.

  • Booking search

    You are now able to search and location draft bookings using the global search bar in Venue Manager.

  • Gift card search

    Fixed an issue searching for gift cards in Venue Manager.

  • Passcode update

    POS now supports passcodes starting with the number 0. Users can now create a passcode starting with 0 and can log in to the POS.

  • Package quantities

    Updating the quantity of a package product by typing in the new amount instead of using the arrows no longer results in incorrect amounts being booked.

  • Membership email

    An issue affecting the trigger of some membership welcome emails was resolved.

  • Applying discount code & gift card for deposit

    Using a discount code and gift card to purchase an item that requires a deposit is now supported. If the discount code plus gift card balance combined is more than the deposit required, then it will apply the discount code first, and the remaining deposit balance will be taken out of the gift card.

  • Deposit summary report

    Deposit summary report has been updated to include a column for Self Serve Kiosk takings.

  • Gift card email

    Product instruction is now supported in gift card emails.

  • Gift card email logo

    Fixed a venue logo sizing issues affecting Outlook users when receiving a digital gift card via email.

  • Discount and modifiers reporting

    A fix was implemented to correct the display of discounts and modifiers applied to products within a booking correctly.

  • Tax calculation

    Online checkout is now showing the correct tax and final balance being charged to the customer.

  • Force minimum purchase

    When forcing minimum quantity purchase via the online checkout, customers will no longer be able to reduce the amount purchased by typing over it.

  • Membership redemption

    Membership can now only be redeemed during the period determined in the redemption setting rule.

  • Booking creation fix

    Clients integrating with Sofort, iDeal, and PayPal online payment gateways will now see bookings created in ROLLER as expected following a successful transaction.

  • Paying using bank transfer option in checkout update

    A fix has been implemented for venues using the "pay using bank transfer" option in the online checkout so that bookings are confirmed straight away, instead of redirecting customers to pay for the booking.

  • Takings summary report update

    Takings summary report now includes a column for Self Serve Kiosk takings.

POS Smart menu beta, Xero export & more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are done and dusted 😅& we're beta releasing a couple of eagerly awaited features for venues wishing to participate in early access program; 

  • POS Smart Menus - an exciting feature to increase the efficiency with which staff members sell session based products by reducing scrolling, menu switching and the overall number menus per POS device.
  • Xero Export Integration - harnessing the power of ROLLER's accrual accounting functionality to simplify deferred & recognised revenue in Xero.

We're also releasing a significant 'under the hood' update to our online payment processing technology plus support for Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce, a new modifiers report and a bunch of other enhancements.

Read more below 👇

  • POS smart menu

    Introduces a new session selector at the top of the page which automatically presents the current session and scrolls horizontally to enable Staff Members to select other session.
    Check Smart Menu & request an invite to the early access program!

  • Xero export integration

    A comprehensive Xero export integration harnessing the power of ROLLER's accrual accounting functionality to simplify deferred & recognised revenue.
    Find out more & request an invite to the early access program!

  • Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce

    Enhanced ecommerce offers critical additional tracking including product views, clicks, add to cart events, remove from cart events, checkout & purchase funnels, promotion views and clicks. This enables the tracking of users throughout their complete online shopping journey, as well as adding powerful additional reports to Google Analytics.
    Learn more about advanced ecommerce tracking

  • Modifiers report

    A new report which displays the quantity & value of modifiers purchased enabling you to analyse & report the performance of your venues modifier products.
    Learn more about the Modifiers report

  • POS in-app support

    Staff members can now access in-app Help Center from the POS screen enabling them to quickly locate help articles and submit support tickets.
    Learn more about POS in-app support

  • Email reply to & from settings

    Emails sent from ROLLER are now sent with a REPLY TO function that will send the email to the venue's nominated (enquiry email) email address as defined in the venue settings page. If the enquiries email is left blank, it will use the bookings notification email instead.
    Learn more about editing your venue settings in the Venue Manager

  • Staff custom roles update

    Custom role must now be associated role with a base system role to ensure the custom role will inherit new permissions based on that system role and receive notifications appropriate to that role type.
    Learn more about staff custom roles

  • Stock products & used barcodes

    When creating a stock item with a barcode / SKU that was attached to an archived product, you will be prompted to clear the archived stock's SKU in order to apply it to the new product.
    Learn more about assigning barcodes / SKU to a stock product

  • Worldpay refunds

    Venues using Worldpay for online payments will be presented with an updated warning when doing a refund from the Venue Manager to restrict refunds on transactions created greater than 45 days ago.
    Learn more about refunding a Worldpay online transaction

  • Order confirmation email

    The order confirmation email now includes an additional field showing the remaining total / amount due for scenarios where a part payment (i.e. deposit) has been taken. If you are using the Template Studio functionality, you will need to turn on this additional field on the email settings.
    Learn more about editing email templates using Template Studio

  • Venue contacts update

    In Venue Manager, you can now assign which Staff Member will receive important notifications relating to ownership, administration and maintenance of your ROLLER account.
    Learn more about Venue Settings

  • Grid filter update

    Venue Manager filter behaviour has been updated to maintain the filter when navigating to a record and back to the grid.

  • Expired gift card validity

    Expired gift card can no longer be used past its expiry date to purchase items in POS.

  • POS receipt

    Reprinting receipts in POS will include the modifiers information similar to printing the receipt for the first time.

  • Auto-cancel invalid bookings

    Bookings with payment or check-in activity will no longer be automatically cancelled.

  • Waiver update

    Customers with an expired waiver are now able to sign a new waiver using their existing email address and it will pull the newly signed waiver in the POS.

  • POS menus

    Fixed an issue where some Staff Members would be presented with no menu's or devices after logging in.

  • POS playground access

    Access to Playground POS has been fixed so all staff members with POS access can login and utilize it.

  • Activity stream

    A fix has been implemented to ensure the POS activity log and Venue Manager activity stream data correctly attributed to the staff record logged in to POS at the time of transaction.

  • Membership redemption

    A fix has been implemented to prevent POS displaying an offline warning when redeeming a membership in obscure cases.

  • POS screen scaling

    Adjusted POS dimensions when a browsers view is scaled to prevent any window scrolling.

  • Sequential receipt numbers

    Venues using this function will now display the receipt number on printed receipts.

  • Browser back button in POS

    Using the back button to return to the payment screen after successful payment will display the correct amount owing. Similarly, if the back button is used to return to the product screen following a successful payment, it will start a new order.

  • Membership products in HQ

    A fix has been implemented to prevent the master ticket code being removed when editing the Membership product in the HQ venue.

  • In-app support update

    An update has been made to the in-app support widget to allow contextualization. This means the relevant articles in the support widget will show up depending on where in the platform the widget is accessed.

  • POS templates

    A change has been implemented to enable stock items to be added to POS templates or devices in Venue Manager.

  • POS manager code

    Staff Members with a manager code can log into POS over another Staff Member and view the list of devices without any error messages.

  • Waiver signature box

    An update has been made to the waiver signature box so that clicking and dragging without a mouse starts the drawing and the second mouse click finishes the drawing.

  • Multiple tax rates

    A reporting update has been implemented so that the distribution of funds received factors different tax rates for each product (if applicable) to ensure there is no unexpected accounts receivable.

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